Friday, October 19, 2007

Me and Po

Here is a picture of me with a dog named Po. Po means "heart" in Hawaiian. He is a real "ipo," which means "sweetheart" in the Hawaiian language. Po will wrap his mouth around your hand without biting to play with you. He jumps up to greet you, but he keeps his paws to himself to be polite. When someone arrives who he doesn't know, he barks and looks very mean and dangerous. My Dad arrived to visit me and Po thought my dad was going to attack me. My dad though he could play "chase" with me without thinking about what Po might do. Po misunderstood my Dad's trying to play with me. He barked and growled and jumped against his chain. My Dad was even scared. I wasn't scared because Po and I are friends. I knew Po was trying to protect me because Po had never met my Dad before.

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