Tuesday, October 9, 2007

What I Learned Today

Today I wrote in cursive script for the first time. I already knew how to make a really cool "Y" and a "t" and an "i". So I found out that it was pretty easy to make a U from making two I shapes in a row. So the first word I wrote was "tui." We looked up the word in the dictionary, and found out that a tui is a bird from New Zealand.

Then I found out that I could connect the letters to make them look like writing. It was pretty easy to make an "e" by making a loop in the "i." Then I learned that an "l" was a big long "e", but it was pretty tricky confusing the "e" with writing it in printing because their directions were switched!

The next letter I learned was a "C," which is shaped like a wave. I like to draw, so it was pretty easy to make a "C." Then I found out that I could write the word "let." Then I found out I could write the word "letter" by accident! Now I knew how to write three words.

This was something I was pretty interested in, so I found out that if I added the shape of "c" to the shape of an "I," what happened was an "a." It didn't look like the capitol "A." I was interested in writing a capitol "A" because my real name begins with an "A."

Guess I'll practice more before I put some examples here.

Instead of having you look at my first attempts at writing, maybe you'd like to see a kitty cat I made in a printmaking workshop.

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